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Monday, April 11, 2011

Exam Time

Its exam time folks !! Full frantic schedules..Full frantic preparations.. Frantic expressions...Frantic activities..

My end semester exams are starting from 20 or 21 of this month. Which means there is just about 10 days to go. In between I also have to make and submit 2 assignments and may be 2 practical and workshop files. All these means the next 20 days are so are gonna be hectic.

I hate studies. Really studying sucks big time. Exams, according to me should be done away with. I feel at this stage {MTech} people should be tested more by practical stuff rather than by written exams. Guess I am  one really unhappy guy, coz i seem to have the most problems with the system. Or may be everyone has these problems but no one takes them seriously.

Another problem is even cheating during exams does not seem a respectable option at this level but i must say a lot of it goes on in during our exams. Professors also don't seem to mind much. Hence even if we feel cheating as a lowly option before the exams, once the exams are on, we switch on our radars too. Looking for help from any corner of the class.

Anyways the following few weeks are going to be total blindness. It would be real fun to see how we cope. The best part will come when the torrid phase gets over. The relaxation that is felt has no comparison. I have already decided which movies to watch which games to play and all. So in short looking forward to the days after exams with eagerness. It might even be the last exams of my life.. Else I might also be damned well that i might have to return to this torture sometime later too in life. 


  1. cant believe people cheat in IIT no wonder we dont get our due respect. only thing that comes to others are indian are hardworking corrupt people. :D

  2. actually it takes a lot to become an IITian so we are tested only when the time comes. And when the time does come we sail through without " corruption ". so we dont actually add to the hardworking corrupt tag .. :)


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