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Monday, February 14, 2011

happy Singles Awareness day !!

spent an hour how to express things but couldn't come out with anything better.

all i wanted was a happy valentines day .
all i wanted was to wish her
all i wanted was to mend my way
so that i could please her

i tried and tried but in vain
so that i could talk to her
now my heart lies in pain
coz there is no way i can reach her

all i wanted was to mend my self
so that i could prove her
that i could be the one she'd want
to be the the one to spend the day

she was my love of life my first love
and now she is gone
all i wish is she be happy
even though my world seems torn..

as for me i am single today
on a day called valentines day
i say fuck love and fuck valentines day
when a relation is cut at the push of a button..

dedicated to all fucked up , screwed up fellas like me

for anyone still wondering .. i broke up on this fucking auspicious day and just as i told the world when we were together i tell you now that its over

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