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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Dear Royals !

Hi Royals,
Wassup guys ? Another year is drawing to a close and a new year awaits to bloom. I would like to wish each and everyone in the group and their families a very happy and prosperous new year. I pray that all your wishes get answered this year and in the years to come. I hope God gives you the strength to endure and the determination to persist for what ever you want to achieve. Would like to take this opportunity to recount the happy moments that I remember with each and everyone of you. 

1] Abhinav: The one thing I always remember is your room which was the place for all meetings, placing cakes and what not. It almost always had something to eat and also had humongous Dove and Head and Shoulders Hand wash and shampoo courtesy your cleanliness nazi room partner. The Bhubaneshwar trip was very awesome in the Year end of 2010 if I am not wrong. You always ask me teri GF ke saath hua kya yaar tab tak to sab sahi tha. You used to field badly very purposefully to irritate me and then Sudhakar Sir had to reprimand you for that, but you never did that in important matches like the one against Research Scholars or the other Hall guys (i m forgetting the name). You were ready for any plan any time one guy anyone could count on. Your seriousness in the imp matches was commendable and enjoyable.  
2] Swapnil: What to say dude, firstly Jai Maharashtra ! I remember the time when you stayed in SDS 433 with me. The cat that we used to bring to our room. Listening to songs 'Ashai Mugham' 'Nakka Mukka'. Going to temple, dosas at the stall,  jogging (barely half a dozen times). Making the ppts, you used to be a real health inspector not leaving even small details. I always admired your neat and clean and systematic room, wished I could have stayed that way. You used to cancel my numerous alarms :D. Our long walks around the campus talking hi fi stuff like relationships :P hahaha. Tarbhooj wala birthday cake. Affefaeee !
3]Ashish: Your confidence in chemistry was truly remarkable. Hum to maggi hi khayenge :D. Your express speed in cycling. Your printer in your room. Your collection of books kept in your room. Playing cricket .
4] Tanesh: Hare Krushna prabhu! First meeting in your room, and the loads and loads of eatables you guys had with you. Never felt I was away from Mumbai. The divine and positive energy in your room with the arti and diya and agarbati actually inspired me to install a small mandir in my room (Aniruddha's mandir also inspired me). We used to go to Mumbai to our home together with Abdul. We occasionally used to meet at breakfast, You and Tvarith full dressed and ready to go and me just brushed my teeth. You went with Sudhakar Sir to scout for a cricket bat if I am not wrong.Our heated discussions over religion :D. 
5]Tvarith: All of above where u were involved plus ->Alumina particle got finally dispersed I heard the other day ? Purging the mixer. Hall wala polo maine Hole me khaya. Pure veg khana, pure veg pani. Abe sale tu kitna khata tha be kamine, kisi aur ke liye to sabji bachaya kar. Your sound, how much you used to shout. You got beemar and me took you to hospital with aniruddha, we called an ambulance and you acted as if you needed absolutely nothing :P. Will remember the birthday bumps you gave me, your kick was ruthless really. 
6] Nayantika: The way you bunked classes reminded me of Btech days and that even in IIT we have uber cool people like you. You wanted a ppt from me, I asked you 50 rupees and u sent me a 50 rupees image.
7] Prabhu: Dae dae dae. You were the dude of the group. Your energy and enthusiasm for things you are interested is simply unprecedented and inspirational. You arranged for the cakes for all the birthdays. One day you told Arju about me at the canteen. 'dae evunku tamil suttama vallai da' I still remember that :P. The way you were terrified when we came to your room during holi and then once we were done with you, the first thing you said was. 'dae Parthajit is there in the next room lets catch him !'. You played cricket with us in our first match. Your awesome expressions during the class. 
8]Arju: I think I have said this before still its worth mentioning, you were the most laid back guy when it came to preparing for exams admired that man! We once got into a cycling race which you won and my poor cycle broke and the chain came off. Came many time to your room during initial days just to while away time. Bhubaneshwar trip And yes how can I forget "Hey". Mid night egg maggi with you and Damu at that joint by the vollyball court. 
9] Damodar:  You once smeared cake over me and I had shouted on you  don't remember whose b'day twas at tikka. Bhubaneshwar trip, midnigh egg maggi. Discussions at your room during exams and other wise. Your shouting at the dance floor. mama, completely fully entirely. Because of you I have started calling most good telugu friends of mine as mama and they do the same to me. Amma chudali naanunu nennu chudali.
10] Nagabhushan: I gave you a blanket on your birthday party but still I am nat coming. anyone remembers this? You used to do all sorts of warmups during the pre match stuff and then in the match you used to say I am tired. Siggu leda neku mama aise chepneko? I am sleeping. You cycle was one which me and Swapnil used to exchange time and again. 
11] Narendra: Bhai tune to jeena haram kar diya tha mera, tere liye to mai english me likh bhi nai sakta. Shuru me tune aur Goutam ne milke to li thi meri Pink T shirt ki , utha to saala btech me ragging bhi nai hui thi meri harami. I was silently happy jab tera aur Gauti ka cold war chalu hua ki saala meri jaan to chuti, tere waje se sale maine vo t shirt pehen na band kar diya. Tu aur Abhinav milke jo politics karte the salaa Btech ke bihario ko barobar takkar dete the :D. Tere waje se hi to project me maja aaya itna. Uthke tereko call karta tha mai ki kahi tu to nai pahunch gaya lab tab saala tera awaj sunke jo dil ko sukoon milta tha sachme 2 ghanta aur so jata tha mai. Tera kisi bhi party me na shamil hoke ladiko type bhaav khana sale chachi. Teri cycle sabse fast thi yaar sachme. jeans ke neeche vo woodland ka boot sachme lagta tha nala saaf karne nikla hai. hahahha. Bhai dekh mai kita liberate ho gaya hu, Mtech me to itna tera majak galti se bhi nai udata tha mai. hehehahaha. Yaad hai jo tune aur Goutam ne gali suni thi Akbar se? 
12] Joyjit kundu: Saleeeee. You are the darling of the group. Free entertainment, you open your mouth and there is entertainment. Always remember how we used to run behind you to smear cake and to give birthday bumps to you for everyone's birthday. We took a party from you once that was a great achievement for us. There are some 250 GB more things that I can write about you but this mail will be too less for that.  
13] ParthaJit Pal: Your Tamil skills are amazing, they always put me to shame every time I hear you. Your dancing skills , singing talent and your hands with the harmonica are something that prove you to be a true Bengali.You used to come up with the grooviest moves on the dance floor which were challenged by probably only Bunker Sir :D. The SEM image where you proved that there was interface adhesion was simply awesome, I would have published it in Nature if only i was the Editor in chief for the journal.
14]Short Temper: Goutam yaar tere bare me kya bolu mai. Narendra ke saath teri silent ragging seriously humesha yaad rahegi mujhe. Teri Kundu ke saath ki chemistry jo workshop ke class me explosion me tabdeel hui thi :D. Apne corridor cricket me teri defence se to Dravid bhi sharma jata. tera to bat pakadne ka andaj hi ultimate tha bhai.Aur apna high voltage agruments ko kaun bhool sakta hai. It really helpd having you and Akbar in the same team, i didnt have to face you in the arguments. Fried rice khane aur akram ke yaha maggi khane jate the. Prafullo da ke yaha chai cigarete khane. and then finally wednesday ko wikipedia me wicket girana. 
15] Abdul Rahim ckd: Tu first sem me mere saath padai discuss karne aata tha yaad hai. Meri notes aur books apni cheel jaise nighao se scan kar jata tha. Teri sirf veg ya sirf non veg khane se kaam nai chalta tha canteen me, plate saaf karke dusre staal me pakka jata tha. Exam se pehle sabse jayda fate haal teri rehti thi. Apan first sem baad saath me ghar gaye the. teri batting bohot critical thi sare imp match me. When you got out against research scholars wala match I really got very angry and upset that you had to get out without scoring in the most Imp match. Corridor cricket me tu lungi pehen ke khelta tha sale aur defend karta tha lungi se. Aur bowling me kitna fast karata tha cheater sale. DB Sir se milne jate waqt kitni fate rehti thi teri yaar.
16] Bunker Sir: Like i said before your style of dancing would any day give Govinda a run for his money. Your walking style waah sir mashalla tha and your jokes and laughter was one of its own. always admired your bindass attitude. Very happy that finally you dont need to surgically implant the earphones into your ears anymore now that you are married. and as a consequence battery researchers have lost a lot of funding amount now that there is no more pressure to make high performance batteries. Konsa phone tha sir? us phone ko Defence ministry ne battle field recommendation de dena chaiye. (Defence guys now plz dont give the scornful look, i know it was a bad joke to make in front of you ppl)  
17] Kang Sir: Once I sat with you on your bike and was shit scared that i will fall apke baithne ke baad mere liye kaha jaga bachti sir. Your expressions during SB sirs lecture was awesome. The spontaneous party that was arranged at your home one evening was awesome, me swapnil and aniruddha were the ones to start the idea sitting at tikka. exam hall me aapka face dekh ke Btech wale din yaad aa jate the mujhe jab mai bhi itna clue less hota tha ki ye sab bhi sylabus me tha? ye kab padaya yaar. Holi ke din aapke jo atack kiya tha humesha yaad rahega.  
18] Sudhakar Sir: I could write one mail for the entire class and then one full just for you. Same with Sridhar Sir too. Actually I have said much of all that comes to my mind now many times before so ill just write points. I got to ride a bike many times because of you and also MVS Sir. Your contribution towards our cricketing hopes in MTech can in my eyes only be compared to Sir Ramakant Achrekar's contribution to Sir Sachin in his career. Your contribution in getting all of us together for all events and celebrations is like a compatibilizers in an immiscible polymer blend (i know this joke is repeated :P ). How did you ever manage studies, cricket, family, and everything so well? let us know on the secret please. Yaar if he happens to see this side then just nudge me and wake me up yaar. we missed you in the match against research scholars and dedicate the win to you (der aye durust aye). You know Sir Playing cricket with you and all your friends from the Navy was so good. but only till 2 matches at most. beacuse after that when sitting in the shade in the afternoon sun  after becoming flat tired me and abhinav used to steak looks that prayed ' God please no more matches' and then one of you Navy Sirs would quip ' ek aur match ho jaye' and you used to say 'haan yaar ek 6 over ka kar sakte hai'. Our hearts used to sink like hostel kya stretcher me jayenge? But in the end its was awesome. 
19] Kalmekar Sir: You were there with me when I needed the most support from someone. Your professionalism is very commendable sir. You should replace some of the faculties in Mat Sci dept one day and then things will be great for the students there. Apki aur goutam ki lab me jo hara gel jalate the humesha yaad rahega. It felt like we all were doing projects while you were doing some sorcery harry potter style. Your wedding aniversary party was awesome, ill always remember how you had maild a map of your address that was pretty self explanatory but still we called you to ask directions kya kare aadat se majboor the.Rememver the Gift we gave you? Agar kisi aur ne aapko utha innovative gift diya ho to batana sir Ram sir ke sir me baal uga denge. :D. You had come with us to buy fire crackers during diwali. 
20] M V Sridhar Sir: I learnt that partying was actually a delicate art, when all the small things came together for every one it made a blast! Most gracious host ever. Miss you a lot sir and putting the lessons to good use here at bangalore ( the party lessons not the exercises that accompanied them ). The trip to BBK Sir's home was memorable thanks CHV Sir for lending your bike. I got to ride your bike multiple times and thank you for that. And now that, i think, may be, you may not be able to reprimand me; i once touched 90 kmph in our campus. of course the conditions were safe. seriously ye likhne ke liye i argued with myslef for 5 minutes fearing the push ups. Rides to Sher e punjab at mid nights were just wow and then Narendra's awesome rendition of the Black Eyed Peas Boom Boom Pow song. Thanks to you and i now have a enviable DJ song collection. Your DJ ing talent at display during the freshers party was awesome ! First holi yaad hai ? thanda pani and a dozen monkeys over you ? hahhaha and you thought you will give us the slip eh ? Once you also joined us in the cricket match and after seeing me getting tired after bowling one over you gave a look that said what a worthless piece of rut, isko fauj me bharti karao to sari charbi nikal jayegi. Inspired with that look maine 2 aur balls full vigour se dala :D. Your dance steps were awe inspiring Sir. Just as i was about to end i was remined of another thing. remember the prank call when you impersonated BBKSir and asked me to come to lab immediately. I was shell shocked to hear because the voice sounded so serious as if i had broken the SEM or sumthing and I came half running to the lab just to find u and Narendra and you were even not ending it then. It was Narendra who passed a wink and let me know it was a prank. I still dont know if you had mimicked BBK Sir or had actually got Sir to call me uo because seriouly you could do both. Please lemme know the truth for above.  
21] all the girls: Take care. sorry for anything i might have ended up as a villain in.  

Hey guys ! wish you all a Happy New year .. Made most of my office time at new years ever recounting all the sweet memories with each and ever one of you. sitting in office till 1130 pm on 31 December sucks big time. 
Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity. – Khalil Gibran

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