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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Questions and more questions

Is there a purpose of our lives? or is it that only a few good men who have made something of their lives say so? If the answer is yes only some people who have made something of their lives say so, how do we adjudicate that something that they have made their lives into? And does that mean there is no purpose of our lives? How absurd is that feeling ? No purpose ? On the other hand is there a purpose ? what is it ? How do we know ?
Its really tough starting a post with such questions in mind but of-late such questions bog my mind, specially when I am free.  Questions range from why do we do what we do? Should we be doing it ? What led us to do it ? Did we get here by mistake or by our actions or by our decisions?  Did we have any control over our actions or decisions or were we help less? All such question never really have a perfect answer. Any answer that we supply without being biased can be countered by an equally un-biased answer to the contrary. Arrgh ! Frustration !

Nevertheless its important to note what do these questions signify. I believe they are important questions whose answers are not very easy to get but whose examinations help us lead peaceful lives. These questions arise in minds which are not lost in lives but are aware of the happenings in it. Everyone else seems to be lost in life. I wish I was lost in life too, because I do not have the answers and i am hence agitated at it .  Bad Bad way to usher the new year I say ... Happy New Year .

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