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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

2 yEars of blOgGiNg

Well it seems i have completed or am about to complete about 2 years of blogging. It has been a nice ride till now. 2 years seems like a lot of time, but in reality considering the number of blog posts i think my blog is fairly new. In the mean time during those 2 years i started two more blogs both of which prove out to be dismal ventures :) specially due utter lack of advertisement on my part.

The blog has some 21 followers whom I thank from the core of my heart for keeping my heart and following my blog ( literally meaning clicking on "follow") as per my instructions, laced with sentimental barrage :D. In the course of time i got appreciation form quiet many classmates for some of my posts. Some of them like Sunil, Shreya, Amogh, Manish have been inspiring me to write by their constant inquiries about my upcoming post. I get a Lot of views from my friends At Kharagpur whom i must thank a lot coz every-time i open my blog these views tell me that i am not writing just for walls and somebody did take out time to visit my blog.

I have a small anguish that none of my family members ever read my blog. It took a lot of coercion from my side to make them read my first post which is always quiet close to my heart even though it is a little incomplete in a few places. My mother did like that post. After reading some posts my friends and my mother did advise me to stop writing in a criticizing tone which made me realize that ma be criticism is my forte, it does come easily to me. 

In two years of writing- or trying to write must i say, I have learnt that it is not a very easy task. Often the yearning to write is much much more than the ability to write. More often than not you need a really clear mind to write a good post. Which has made me realize how gifted writers are who captivate their readers all throughout their books { looks like i have graduated from criticism to appreciation :) }. Recently, after Chetan Bhagat released Revolution 2020, I read a lot of seething criticism in some of his book reviews, which I found completely appalling. The choice of words in the criticism were so absurd, almost always conveying that the author and the novel both lie at the bottom of the pit. I am sure given a pen in hand, some of them wouldn't be able to write anything captivating even in eternity. Trying to write has certainly made me think highly of people who are good authors, be it in newspapers or novels alike.

My own ambition of authoring a Novel one day has undergone a sea of constructional changes in the past two years. I am sure one day i will be able to understand the nuances of the target audience and in view of that i would like to dedicate this post commemorating two years of my blog to all my friends, bloggers, strangers everyone who took effort to read and appreciate my blog. I surely do owe  a lot of happiness to all of you guys. I am thankful to you all. Surely today there are a but a bunch of people reading me, but, i am sure one say there will be millions. cheers !

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