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Saturday, July 3, 2010

O R A N J E D O IT !!!!!!

Finally the flying Dutchmen take the tune out of the samba boys. Oranje country does what the les blues did last time around.  Nederland beat Brazil 2-1 to wipe off one of the four south American nations left in the last 8. And it was more sweet victory becoz it was not a total annihilation, but some shrewd playing by the Dutch that did ‘em in. Well to be frank brazil were well poised to win this one but… you know may be that is why it’s the beautiful game.
                Brazil started off with samba as usual fluent and graceful. Robinho led the jabulani meet the net first time but he was adjudged off-side by the ref. actually he was not off-side but a pass before he got the ball his passer was certainly off-side, so it was even. But not one to be kept quiet for long, he scored a brilliant goal full of samba magic. But it was quiet evidently a defensive lapse by the last minute inclusion Dio--- [I don’t remember all names]. He should have pulled up and caught Robinho off-side.
                Then for some time the dutch started to become patchy. That’s when kyut displayed phenomenal determination and stamina to fight like a knight to create chances as also to defend. And robben was displaying pure class crossing the defenders all the time. He was also shrewd to fall down when any defender as much as even touched him. Finally he was also instrumental in getting Melo  [defender] sent off. I ask you Robben is this how you thank a person who scored for you ???
                Robinho is an ignorant fool. Last time he made a comment that les bleus will be knocked out of the world cup by them. He went on to say that it would be nice to give some French players their retirement game. Poor fella he had to swallow his words when they were knocked out by the French. Alvez is a good player. Because e is actually our – player – in – their – jersey, because more often he goes for the ambitious NASA mission above the goal on his own. He does not believe in the beautiful games ritual of passing the ball. May be spain made him forget how to play samba..
                For me dirk kyut was man of the match. He was phenomenal, superb determination, effort and stamina by the old horse.    

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  1. the match was decided by one man and one man only wesley shnider! this guy has skills and luck which you could always do with! :P

    robben was just play acting making most of the tackles, i guess it was a day were luck and determination won over skills and courage!


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