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Friday, April 9, 2010

My good deed...

In school we had a lesson in which we were taught that everyday we should do something good. it was in English subject and the story went that a person used to appreciate someone or the other for his/her work. Thus the person being appreciated used to feel good.
Well today i decided that i will follow that as an axiom, everyday i will appreciate a common man for his service/work. And boy i started quiet well.
In morning i had to wake up early to go to the hospital for some reason. i hired an auto, after getting down from the auto i said to the autowalla, " brother [he was of my age only] you drove very sensibly" then so that he does not feel awkward [people tend to feel somthing fishy if they are complimented for an unusual thing] i added " is it everyday or is today just an exception" he replied "no boss [in Bombay [sorry MNS] we address same age ppl commonly as boss ] I don’t like to drive rashly, its my own rickshaw and not a rented one"
i probed him further " does that mean if it was a rented one then u will drive recklessly?" he said " no i drive fast only sometimes that too when the road is deserted, else i like it smooth"
i was quiet delighted at the civilized Samaritan. And I rewarded him 5 rupees extra and said “ You are a good autowalla, we don’t get to see many like you, good job keep it up “
he was visibly happy, and I too felt the satisfaction of making ones day. That’s exactly when i was reminded of the lesson and decided to put it into practice everyday. As it is I am infamous for my sarcasm, I hope I will learn to keep it out. 

i also appeal all of you to try this. its quiet satisfying to see someone smile because of your words alone.

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  1. that's so kind! why cant we clone people like you.


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