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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

bizzare telecast.....

Recently while sifting through TV channels on a dull afternoon; I landed up at one of the premier sports channels ESPN. On telecast was a national level gymnastics championship between high schools in USA. Now how absurd more can it get? Why on earth is a school level competition based in USA being telecasted for viewers in India? Let me clear my point; I am neither against telecasting of gymnastics nor school level competitions. But I feel guys at ESPN need to introspect and ask themselves are they really showing relevant content? Do they feel they are doing a favor on us?

Why are they showing US events over here? There are plenty of events going around in India that can be shown by them. They never telecast any national level {Indian} event of different sports like kho kho, kabaddi, or volleyball etc. These big sports channels are earning so much from the Indian society and are giving back nothing. I am sure for the revenues they earn they can easily afford to start funding for Indian events. This will not only raise the popularity of the local games but also earn them some goody points for doing a commendable job. We were taught in our management subject that corporate social responsibility formed an integral part of any organization I guess ESPN/STAR feel they are immune to that.

In this regard I must say our veteran sports channel Doordarshan sports; which recently celebrated its 50 years, is doing a great commendable job. They telecast as many events occurring in Indian soil as possible. And I feel they must be preference while events happening in Indian soil are concerned.

Concluding this part I want to ask a question culd the sports channel have ever shown even an Indian national-level event to their US citizens? And the second being is our government doing anything to break their monopoly and bring some justice to Indian viewers? If yes is it enough?...


  1. dude i love it

    i even insist my mom to see :P

    i will give my views on the cheerleading show

    i think it is necessary coz the indian sports body is still conservative

    do u know there was a beach vollyball match here in chennai recently and the indian players were covered no surprize for guessing they got steam rolled !!

    well you could argue about indian culture and blah blah ... but the point is there is a professional attire for each sport and if you are not comfortable then dont play.

    having said that the French team coach said "they will learn form the experience and maybe they will be in professional attire next season"

    and i think we indians are not pervert hence this thinking should be buried

    and AMERICAN SPORTS rocks !!! thank you ESPN

  2. well its not about the attire or any sportsmanship that i am talking. i have already cleared off that i am not against telecasting gymnastics or any sports.
    what i have said is a completely different topic that Indian sports must be shown by these high profit earning monopolist sports channel rather than any other countries sport. and more over only when sports like beach volleyball will be popularized they will become more professional.{since u've talked bout that}


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