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Thursday, January 28, 2010

for my love..

when i look into your eyes
there is nothing there to see
nothing but my own mistakes
staring back at me
there is no life in the future
i am hopeless without thee
please help me find my love
plucking a leaf off the friendship tree
day i spend in lonliness
wondering bout just thee
but your worda break the truith
on the fool thats in me
i aint done any gud to you
still i would die for thee
its for you to see
the kind child in me
i didnt have any guts to let go
the words of my love free
i feared i may end up
seeing whats happend to me
now that alls over
here in these lines of truth
i muster up my faith
to say aloud and fearing none

that i love thee


  1. very nice poem!!
    old style writing!! love such stuff!!:)

  2. this one is really close to my heart, composed it myself borrowed the first 4 lines from linkin park pushing me away reanimation


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